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Growth at Vital Addition

Growth at Vital Addition
April 6, 2018 va-admin

It has been a season of growth and change at Vital Addition. Four years ago when we re-branded what was the old ‘Thirdview Financial’ firm into Vital Addition with our previous CEO, David Hodge, we were a team of eight and in a rebuilding phase. We have now grown to a team of thirty and are servicing in excess of 3,000 clients every year.

A big driver of this growth has been the integration of existing firms, Eric Allan and Cowell Watts Panos, into business and the launch of the ‘Outsourced CFO’ division which goes from strength to strength.

We have been working tirelessly to integrate all of the clients who had joined us from Eric Allan & Co. and Cowell Watts Panos, and extend a warm welcome to you all.

None of what we have achieved so far would be possible without the outstanding team and leaders which we have here at Vital Addition, to that end we would like to formally welcome Rose Fabro to partnership in the firm. Rose has joined us as an integral part of the Eric Allan business where she worked for 25 years rising to Senior Tax Manager and has now assumed the role of Head of Tax.

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