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Through our modern and innovative approach, Vital Addition strives to be the preferred integrated accounting partners for entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses.


Outsourced CFO

Our CFOs integrate accounting expertise with strategic insight to navigate the challenges of business growth.

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Our tax experts implement smart, tailored plans to ensure business profitability and strategic growth.

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Our independent wealth experts offer fresh thinking and tailor made investments for wealth protection and generation.

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  • Labgroup

    Unhappy with their in-house bookkeeping, LabGroup turned to Vital Addition for a more sophisticated reporting and analytical solution as their business continued to grow at a rapid rate.

  • CASC Superannuation Fund

    CASC were looking for experts who could advise them on how to enhance their investment portfolio through non-traditional investment tools such as stocks and property.

  • Taylor Works

    Taylor Works were interested in investments outside of their property and share portfolio and sought advice from us on how to diversify and enhance their current portfolio.