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Meet A CEO

Vital Addition is proud to be partnering with The Big Smoke to bring you a monthly interview with some of the world's most inspiring Founders and CEOs.

Meet a CEO: Stephen Minning, PAM Wayfinding

We sat down with Stephen Minning, CEO of PAM Wayfinding, to talk about controlling navigation information, and rethinking public space in a post-COVID world.

Meet a CEO: Mark Livings, Lyre’s

Lyre’s is a booming non-alcoholic company, driven by CEO Mark Livings’ vow to let Australians enjoy their drink, their way.

Meet a CEO: Adam Amos, Robotic Systems

We sat down with Adam Amos of Robotic Systems about self-funding to get your start, the importance of the customer and the future of his enterprise.

Meet a CEO: Nicholas Bernhardt, Informed365

Nicholas Berhardt and Informed 365‘s mission is simple. They’re enabling companies to make better, more ethical business decisions.

Meet a CEO: Joanna Auburn, Trace

We spoke with Trace Co-Founder, Joanna Auburn, about bringing people together for the greater good, and how you blend tech, finance and altruism.

Meet a CEO: Will Brook, Brookfarm

We sat down with Will Brook, CEO of Brookfarm, about the family business, the competitive food market, and what constitutes a great granola.

Meet a CEO: Will Davies, Car Next Door

We talked with Car Next Door Founder, Will Davies, about the environment, self-development, and what his typical workday looks like.

Meet a CEO: Talea Bader, Workit Spaces

We spoke to Workit Spaces Co-Founder Talea Bader about the importance of coworking in e-commerce businesses and how they’re driving growth during COVID-19.

Meet a CEO: Fred Schebesta, Finder

We spoke to Finder founder Fred Schebesta about bootstrapping, staying true to the company’s mission and values, and their giant 2011 comeback.

Meet a CEO: Teresa Aprile, Brandcrush

We sat down with Brandcrush CEO and Founder, Teresa Aprile, to discuss the power of experiential marketing, her vision, and how she inspires creativity in others.

Meet a CEO: Vanessa Giannos, The HR Experts International

We spoke with Vanessa Giannos, the CEO of The HR Experts International to discuss where start-ups fail, and how culture can be more important than strategy.

Meet a CEO: Marie Mortimer,

We sat down with the founder of, Marie Mortimer, to discuss her innovative approach to finance, one that brings wholesale mortgage rates to her customers.

Meet a CEO: Bronwyn Covill, Need a Tutor

We met with Need a Tutor CEO Bronwyn Covill to discuss leadership, education, and how they’re connecting rural and remote Australians.