Meet A CEO

Meet a CEO: Lewis Romano, Credit Clear

We sat down with Lewis Romano, the Founder of Credit Clear, to talk about B2B2C, doing things differently, and thriving in the work from home environment.

Meet a CEO: Robert Tadros, Impress!ve Digital

We sat down with Robert Tadros, the founder and CEO of marketing services operator Impress!ve Digital, to explain his roots and the seeds you should be planting.

Meet a CEO: Stephen Minning, PAM Wayfinding

We sat down with Stephen Minning, CEO of PAM Wayfinding, to talk about controlling navigation information, and rethinking public space in a post-COVID world.

Meet a CEO: Mark Livings, Lyre’s

Lyre’s is a booming non-alcoholic company, driven by CEO Mark Livings’ vow to let Australians enjoy their drink, their way.

Meet a CEO: Adam Amos, Robotic Systems

We sat down with Adam Amos of Robotic Systems about self-funding to get your start, the importance of the customer and the future of his enterprise.

Meet a CEO: Nicholas Bernhardt, Informed365

Nicholas Berhardt and Informed 365‘s mission is simple. They’re enabling companies to make better, more ethical business decisions.

Meet a CEO: Joanna Auburn, Trace

We spoke with Trace Co-Founder, Joanna Auburn, about bringing people together for the greater good, and how you blend tech, finance and altruism.

Meet a CEO: Will Brook, Brookfarm

We sat down with Will Brook, CEO of Brookfarm, about the family business, the competitive food market, and what constitutes a great granola.

Meet a CEO: Will Davies, Car Next Door

We talked with Car Next Door Founder, Will Davies, about the environment, self-development, and what his typical workday looks like.

Meet a CEO: Talea Bader, Workit Spaces

We spoke to Workit Spaces Co-Founder Talea Bader about the importance of coworking in e-commerce businesses and how they’re driving growth during COVID-19.

Meet a CEO: Fred Schebesta, Finder

We spoke to Finder founder Fred Schebesta about bootstrapping, staying true to the company’s mission and values, and their giant 2011 comeback.

Meet a CEO: Teresa Aprile, Brandcrush

We sat down with Brandcrush CEO and Founder, Teresa Aprile, to discuss the power of experiential marketing, her vision, and how she inspires creativity in others.

Meet a CEO: Vanessa Giannos, The HR Experts International

We spoke with Vanessa Giannos, the CEO of The HR Experts International to discuss where start-ups fail, and how culture can be more important than strategy.

Meet a CEO: Marie Mortimer,

We sat down with the founder of, Marie Mortimer, to discuss her innovative approach to finance, one that brings wholesale mortgage rates to her customers.

Meet a CEO: Bronwyn Covill, Need a Tutor

We met with Need a Tutor CEO Bronwyn Covill to discuss leadership, education, and how they’re connecting rural and remote Australians.