Culture + Values

Culture + Values

Our values form the fundamental, philosophical basis behind everything we do; how we approach our work, how we relate to our clients and how we work together.

Happy clients

Our business is all about our clients, keeping them happy is what drives us and is what we constantly strive for. Happy clients means we are listening and delivering. Our aim is to be the go-to resource for our clients, the trusted advisor that works collaboratively with them, delivers innovative solutions for them and doesn’t let them down.

Keeping it real

Keeping it real is a simple message that we refer to every day. It encapsulates a great part of what makes Vital Addition different to others in the industry. By keeping it real, we stay authentic, natural and credible and remain focussed and engaged with our stakeholders. We don’t cover an issue with complex terms and extended timeframes, we deliver on time and with clarity.

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Our people

Our role is challenging, inspiring and rewarding on every level and we feel good about what we do as a team and who we do it for. Our people are the soul of the business and we work hard to keep the team motivated, spirited, positive and fulfilled. We put our energy, mind and soul into what we do, so we bring balance into our working lives with the “vital addition” of fun activities for the team. We kayak, stand-up paddle-board, walk, swim, hike and meditate, so we can recharge, renew and replenish our energy and our minds.